Operational Research

Operational research is one of the mathematical tools in the family of the decision support that is dedicated in finding the best method to manage the operations, or the use of resources. By using tools that are a hybrid between mathematics, programming, and industrial engineering, MELIORE can analyze and offer solutions that the manager would not be able to find in a ...

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Decision Aid

A manager has to make a set of decisions in his everyday life. This is the essence of the work of a manager. Generally, the manager will rely on intuition or experience to make decisions. In other cases, because of the complexity of the impact of his choices or because of a legal obligation, the manager will use different decision-support tools to guide him in ...

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Data Mining

Modern computer systems provide access to a huge amount of data. Geolocation and time management by barcoding cards or information from the website. These data contain potentially strategic ...

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Supply Chain Optimization

The supply chain is a set of steps that allows a finished product to reach its customers, starting with the raw materials. Supply chains are generally very complex and managers have cut them into sections in order to understand and improve them. For example, a warehouse manager seeks to reduce inventories, but production asks him to increases it. Meanwhile purchases want to order the ...

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Business Process Improvement

In an agile and efficient business, business processes must be well known to all stakeholders. In addition, these processes should be the simplest possible to ensure the agility of the company to their customers and their competitors. In order to communicate its business processes, the company must make a ...

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence MELIORE is a set of concepts and formulas based on thousands of variables capable of simulating human intelligence. Depending on your business, MELIORE fits your needs. It has three levels of artificial intelligence. The first level is its ability to recognize and understand movement in an ...

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