Intelligent Services

Operational Research

Optimized production planning Elaboration of work schedules Elaboration of optimal transport itineraries

Artificial Intelligence

Multicriteria analytical grids Rational comparison of bidders Comparison of several projects

Data Mining

Data Analysis Artificial intelligence Cycle time analysis

Decision Aid

Agile companies must be able to make the right decisions quickly. With turnkey decision aids tools.

Intelligent Products

Virtual Supervisor

The work of a virtual supervisor is to support the foreman in his position and help him to direct and control the work of his team.

Virtual Operator

The virtual operator works mainly with semi-automated equipment and has, with its artificial intelligence.

Virtual Excavator

MELIORE, the virtual excavator, plays a vital role in projects related to building and public works management.


Smart sensors can detect and measure physical parameters.

Innovate your business with the power of artificial intelligence.

MELIORE helps companies improve there productivity through the use of artificial intelligence.

 Manufacturing SME’s should consider the use of artificial intelligence as a lever for maintaining and improving their competitiveness.”

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MELIORE implants the technology of operational research and artificial intelligence and generates operational efficiency by means of modern, rational methods.

MELIORE puts profits from the latest global developments in artificial intelligence to your company’s benefit


We seek to be the driving force behind quantitative business intelligence for industrial solutions suppliers.

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Industry 4.0 Continuous Improvement Technologies

Environmental Sector


Mining Sector

Public Sector

Transport & Logistics Sector

Manufacturing Sector

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