The company

A North American leader in the truck equipment manufacturing

The problem

The customer products are manufactured using a production line. Changes in the market forced the company to develop new products significantly larger than what it produced normally. Since the products were not suitable to be mass-produced, off-dimension products were produced outside the production line to reduce the impact on the performance. This method of production was not appropriate for the client as the delays and costs could not be met.

The approach

The introduction on production line of off standard products will certainly have an impact, but how to minimize this impact. MELIORE conducted a simulation to measure the impact on the workflow. This analysis has allowed to make a more in-depth analysis of each variable of production in order to propose rules of management to manufacture the non-standard products.

The benefits

The company was able to increase its profitability on the off standard products, by producing them with standard products, by using MELIORE’s new management rules. This profitability has enabled the company to become the undisputed leader in this niche of product in the market.